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Now is the perfect time to (re)start running

This is a crazy time.  It seems that everyone is trying to find a release from the stress we are all feeling.  Running is a great way to keep everything in balance.  


Our team with a combined 120 years of experience treating runners is offering the Return to Running program for free.


No login or personal information is required, just download the app and start running.  We will guide you through a safe ramp up to full running.  This program was designed for injured runners, but it will work for a new runner or a former runner that wants to get back to running.  Let's do this!

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You recovered from an injury and are ready to start running again. Maybe you just took some time off and and want to run again. Maybe you want to start running for the first time.


Starting your running program can be confusing.  How many miles should you run each day?  What should you do if you start having pain?  How fast should you progress?  When should you take a rest day?  How fast should you run? 


We have you covered.  Our team of runners and medical experts has over 120 combined years of experience treating runners with injuries. We have treated all levels of runners, from Olympians and World Champions to weekend warriors. 

The Return to Running program is the result of our years of experience getting runners back into their sport.  We combined our protocols into a single program that works for most runners and built an app to allow you to use it at home.

Ready to Run


RTR logo white.png

Progressive running app for runners returning from injury



We used the most up-to-date training and rehabilitation protocols and our extensive experience working with runners at all levels to build the Return to Running (RTR) program.  We believe in evidence-based approaches to running and only include techniques and workouts that have solid scientific backing.

RTR is a progressive running program that slowly increases your workload, allowing your body to undergo adaptation to the stress of running without an injury. 

We measure your response to the program each day and decide if you are ready to progress or if you need more time to adapt.

The program is 40 steps, including rest days.  Many runners will require more that 40 days to complete the program.  Rest assured, after you complete the program you will be ready to return to your normal running workouts.



Each day, you will get a workout.  RTR program workouts start very easy with built-in rest intervals and progress to longer runs without rest intervals.

Rest days are incorporated each week.  As you progress, the intervals get longer and eventually the walk intervals are removed.

Each workout is designed to place a stress on your body.  Progressive increases in workout length with decreasing rest help your body adapt to workload. Many runners begin running too long, too fast and suffer recurring injuries.  The RTR program is designed to avoid re-injury by slowly introducing workload to your body.



There are two ways to use the RTR app:

  1. Run with your phone. The RTR app includes a timer that will guide you through the run/walk intervals.

  2. Use your own watch.  The timer can be turned off in the app.  You check the app to see your workout and use your own watch to time the intervals.  Come back to the app after your workout and enter your pain level so we can determine your progression.

All runs are done at a 'conversational' pace. RTR is not designed to be a race training program. It is designed to help your body adjust to a progressively increasing workload. The RTR program can be supplemented with non-painful cross training activities (swimming or biking) to maintain fitness. Once you complete the program, your body will be ready to restart your training program. 



Every runner responds to a workout differently. Some runners have minor injuries and can return quickly.  Others will take more time and might have some setbacks along the way. It is important for a running program to respond to each runner individually.  


The RTR program uses your self reported pain level during every run and adjusts the workouts based on your response.  Your daily pain level and your pain level over time are recorded on the app.


If you have little or no pain, the program will advance.  If you have too much pain, you might do the same workout for a few days or take a rest day.


Our goal is to prevent another injury.

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